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Our Meditation Circles are a bit of a combination of book group and group meditation.  The first book we are focusing on is True Yoga by Jennie Lee.  This book simplifies the Yoga Sutras and the Eight Limbs of Yoga, making them meaningful and accessible to all.  

Written by Patanjali, a sage in ancient India, the Sutras are the primary text known to yogis around the world.  Sutras, meaning "threads" are elegant, succinct threads of knowledge that allow you to explore the essential core meaning of Yoga.  This collection of 196 rules offers guidelines for living a meaningful and purposeful life.  There have been many translations and interpretations over the years, but this interpretation by Jennie Lee turns these sutras into words and actions that have true and applicable meaning to modern life.

 Each week we will focus on one aspect, with a discussion, meditation, and some take-aways for self practice.  Participants do not need to read the book or have any prior knowledge.  All are welcome, but space is limited to 6 participants.  Sessions are booked 4 weeks at a time (for a total of 4 separate sessions).  The cost is $40 per session per person.  To reserve your spot, please book for Jan 15th.  The time segments are 10 minutes, to allow 6 persons to sign up for the hour, but the cost covers 4 one hour sessions as listed below.  If this is confusing....please drop me an email and I can walk you through this.  

UPCOMING SESSIONS:  All are Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30


  1. Jan 15th  AHIMSA (Peacefulness)  By becoming peaceful, we experience inner harmony and all outer discord ceases Sutra ii.35

2. Jan 22nd SATYA (Truthfulness)  When we are established in truthfulness, our thoughts and words magnify effortlessly  Sutra 11.36

 3. Jan 29th  ASTHEYA (Generosity)  When firmly anchored in generosity, all prosperity comes  Sutra ii.37

 4. Feb 5th  BRACHMACHARYA (Self-Control) Dedicated to self-control, great energy is gained 

 Sutra ii.38


5.  APARIGRAHA (Appreciation)  Overcoming envy and fear, we cultivate appreciation and understand the true purpose of our life   Sutra ii.39

6.  SAUCHA (Purity)  By cultivating purity of heart, mastery over the senses and one-pointed thoughts are achieved.  Then one becomes fit to behold the Soul.  Sutra ii.40-ii.41

7.  SANTOSHA (Contentment) Through contentment, ultimate happiness is achieved. 

Sutra ii.42

8.  TAPAS (Right Action) Right and fervent actions facilitate mastery over the senses and reveal the true Self within   Sutra ii.43

9.: SWADHAYA (Self-Reflection) Through study of sacred texts and introspection one communes with the Divine Self   Sutra ii.44

10.  ISWARA PRANIDHANA (Devotion) Absolute devotion and surrender to the Divine enables soul freedom  Sutra ii.45

11.  ASANA (Right Posture) Right posture is steady and without strain.  By overcoming restlessness, through balanced effort and focus on the Infinite within, one becomes undisturbed by the fluctuating dualities of physical experience  Sutra ii.46 - ii.48 

12.  PRANAYAMA (Energy Management) Guiding and controlling the life force energy currents and the rhythms of breath stabilizes the mind.  Movement of energy is subtly managed through rhythmic breathing; inward, outward, in balance and eventually transcended.  Then one remains anchored in the Inner Light   Sutra ii.49 - ii.53

13.  PRATYAHARA (Inward Turning) Withdrawal of the senses from external objects quiets the mind and enables mastery over sensory experiences   Sutra ii.54 - ii.55

14.  DHARANA (Focused Attention)  Focusing the mind on one point of attention within is concentration  Sutra iii. 1

15.  DHYANA (Meditation) A sustained concentration on the Divine Light within is meditation.  Sutra iii.2

16. : SAMADHI (Liberation)  All sense of separation dissolves when individual consciousness merges with Universal Consciousness.  This union is liberation.    Sutra iii.3


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