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Why on Earth would I want to investigate Yoga Therapy? What will happen during my appointment? When most people hear the word “Yoga”, they envision a class filled with bendy, flexible women in cute outfits standing on their heads or twisting their bodies into unbelievable poses. That is NOT Yoga Therapy! Yoga Therapy is individualized programming using ALL of the many aspects of yoga, including breathing, meditation, chanting, philosophy and, yes, poses. Yoga Therapy has been used to alleviate pain in a variety of areas, both physical and emotional, and to allow you to live your life with less stress and more ease. When you come in for your first Yoga Therapy appointment, I will sit with you, ask you some questions, and listen while you tell me about your lifestyle and what it is that you are looking to change or improve. This appointment takes about an hour, because I really want to get to know YOU! I then take that information and investigate what options would most likely work with your issues, and, most importantly, fit into your lifestyle. When you return for your follow up appointment, I present my ideas to you and show you how to implement them. Together, we decide on how long you will need to implement this on your own, and decide upon a follow up plan. How often you return is up to you! These two appointments may be all your need, or perhaps you would like more. As I said, it is individual to you. Decide if this is something you would like to investigate further. Make an appointment, or email me for more details!


What should you expect when you come to Reiki at Om As You Are? When you come in, I will ask you to lay down on my table. I will ask you if you would like some essential oil to add to your experience (I have a variety for you to choose from, or you can say “No thanks!”). I will put on some music, dim the lights, put an eye pillow over your eyes, and ask you to relax. During a 30 minute session, I will gently place my hands on or just above different parts of your body, and let the healing energy take over. At the end, I will gently wake you and we can talk briefly about your experience. At the very least, you will feel extremely relaxed. You may feel other beneficial effects right then, or later on. The reiki energy goes where it is needed most, to calm and to heal. I am always interested in hearing about your experience!


Just like with group exercise classes, some people will get more out of meditation (and be more inclined to do it on a regular basis) if they do it with others. Additionally, the energy created multiplies exponentially when others are doing it with you. Stay tuned for some group meditation events and workshops coming soon!


Are you interested in becoming a Reiki Practioner? OM AS YOU ARE will be offering workshops leading to Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki Certifications soon! Check back for dates, prices and signups!

OM AS YOU ARE is located on Central Avenue in Dover NH

Email me at; [email protected]

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